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Metal Roofing from AllState Gutters in St. Albans, WV

Metal Roofing: A Lasting Choice in West Virginia

Metal roofing is a lasting choice when it comes to roofing options in West Virginia. Customers in Kanawha, Putnam, and Cabell counties can call on AllState Gutters, LLC in St. Albans, WV, to provide quality installation of metal roofing. Many residential and commercial customers opt for this worry-free choice because of its durability, style, and curb appeal. Metal roofing can sit right over an existing roof, providing added security and some savings on labor.

Whether you live or work in Charleston, Teays Valley, Huntington, or throughout the surrounding areas, contact AllState Gutters, LLC today. We are West Virginia’s answer for metal roofing services.

AllState Gutters, LLC Offers Metal Roofing in Popular Styles

AllState Gutters, LLC installs metal roofing in some of the most popular types and styles to suit your needs and building aesthetic:

Classic Rib Metal Roofing: Classic rib is available in 29-gauge, 36-inch panels, with rib height at ¾-inch. This exposed, fastened, low-profile panel roofing applies over open framing or solid substrate.

Standing Seam Roofing: Standing seam comes in 29-gauge, and is a 1½-inch, snap-lock panel that joins securely to provide good wind-uplift resistance. This style can sit over open framing or substrate.

Decra Roofing: Decra roofing shingles provide the upscale design of dimensional shingles made from steel. The colors have a subtle natural shadow, which enhances the richness and detail of your roof: Here are some of the Decra Roofing options:

Decra Shingle-Plus: As an architectural shingle without the weight, it adds wonderful appeal to traditionally styled homes, and is ideal for those who prefer the look of heavy-cut wood shingles.

Decra Shake: This offers the richness and beauty of cedar shake, while providing the durability and longevity of stone-coated steel.

Decra Mediterranean Tile: This adds unique elegance to a home or business as a lightweight alternative to traditional tile products.

Pac–Clad Aluminum: This creates a bold look for any commercial building or home. It is an ideal roofing material and is available in various styles and colors.

Copper: Copper is a waterproof roofing material in many other applications for use on industrial and commercial buildings. However, homeowners are rediscovering its appeal. Over time, copper oxidizes and goes through a process called “patina,” which causes it to be highly resistant to corrosion. This will turn the shiny pinkish copper to a beautiful jade-like color.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

  • Metal roofing is the most durable, longest lasting roofing option.
  • It will endure harsh weather conditions.
  • Many types, sizes, and colors of metal roofing add style and curb appeal.
  • Metal roofing provides optimum water and fire resistance.
  • It is environmentally friendly, made from a percentage of recycled materials.
  • It provides roofing versatility and can sit on your existing roof.

Our experienced roofing specialists at AllState Gutters, LLC will install your metal roofing in a safe, correct manner to ensure reliability and proper insulation. With the right roof over your head, you can be sure that the temperature inside your home will stay warm throughout the cold months. No matter where you are in Charleston, Teays Valley, Huntington, or all across Kanawha, Putnam, and Cabell counties, you can depend on AllState Gutters, LLC.

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